Les Vraies RĂ©ponses

During the summer of 2020, Vrai, the French pioneering organic brand and the only one to offer products made from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk, launched a major consultation amongst the French citizens. Everything is covered: questions about the dairy industry, about the products, about organic and more...

This of course raised some issues and pushed the brand to question itself. This was followed by various workshops involving some twenty ambassadors, representatives of producers, employees and consumers of Vrai products. This collaborative work, carried out over several months, is now taking shape thanks to the strength of the collective. It represents the expertise of the employees, the field experience of the producers and the ideas and expectations of the consumers.

LES VRAIES REPONSES. Vrai responds with actions: its charter of 30 commitments presents the actions of today and tomorrow to improve its products, the health of our planet and of consumers.

.becoming not only created the communication tools for the consultation, but also created and developed the press campaign unveiling 6 key commitments, all carried by producers, employees or consumers, who embody these actions. The campaign was published in more than 20 French press titles, including lifestyle, cooking, women's and news magazines, and was relayed on social networks to enable the French to continue the conversation with the brand.