Nutrition & Santé wanted their Gerlinéa packagings to undergo a 'rejuvenation cure' without losing the uniqueness of the brand and its loyal consumers, thus refering to the redesign request as an 'Evolution' and not a 'REvolution’ As slimming is no longer trendy, we see a shift from slimming to more 'active nutrition' (situated between slimming and sports nutrition). The brand wanted to move towards more lifestyle packagings as the brand does not only appeal to people who want to follow a strict diet with meal replacements, but more generally to people who are busy with their bodies (healthy snacks, tea, detox cures,...). Of course, Gerlinéa remains the No. 1 slimming brand in Belgium and Nutrition & Santé still wanted the packaging to clearly show that Gerlinéa remains a slimming brand. It was important also to make clear distinction between meal replacement and snack, as the distinction between them (purple and green packaging) was not always understood