Best scoring Radio Commercial of 2020!

Last year, the world suddenly went into lockdown. Much has been written about communicating during this pandemic. Exploiting the situation is not appreciated at all, informing people correctly all the more.

Therefore, last Easter, we at Becoming decided to turn the message around. Instead of urging everyone to bring their empty batteries to a Bebat collection point, where they could be safely recycled, we let people know that their empty batteries should stay inside for a while... just like the rest of the country.

The ultimate goal of Bebat is indeed to collect as many used batteries as possible, so that the maximum amount of raw materials can be recycled and reused in all kinds of applications. But this objective is not above the law! In addition, the Bebat collection cube provides a safe storage space in case the batteries need to be kept inside for a few weeks.

And with success! VAR voted our spot as best radio commercial of 2020!